HEBE // Drum & Bass Sample Pack WAV

HEBE // Drum & Bass Sample Pack WAV

You may have known Ghost Syndicate as a space for mostly dark and heavily mutated sound, and it is, of course, true. Except that we never stand still, and we always have an unexpected twist or to up our sleeve.

So today we’re happy to announce HEBE a sample pack that will enrich your sonic palette dramatically, taking your Drum’n’Bass away from industrial wastelands and rundown squats to a more introspective field. Hebe is the name of the Greek goddess of juvenescence, and with this extensive sample library, you’ve got a nice chance to finally breathe the spirit of youth and beauty into your own music.

Primarily aimed at making Liquid Funk and styles alike, it offers a massive scope of sounds that call up airs of sweet melancholy, pure emotion, and contemplating the beauty of the Universe without too much concern for the mundane.

Sound-wise, it offers a broad range of deeply melodic piano loops, sweeping airy pads and atmo loops, all multiplied by the vigorous basslines and polished, clockwork drum loops & one shots. Update your Drum & Bass production library with HEBE and explore the deeper edge 170 bpm realm. All loops and one shot samples are 100% royalty-free, key and tempo labeled and available to download in 24-Bit Wav.

Product Specifications:

• Format: (.WAVs)
• 350 x Individual (.WAVs) (.Loops) Files:
• -32 x -(Atmos Loops)
• -42 x -(Bass Loops)
• -17 x -(FX Loops)
• -49 x -(Synth Loops)
• -32 x -(Instrumental Loops)
• –9 x -(Percussion Loops)
• -43 x -(Synth Loops)
• –8 x -(Vox Loops)
• -34 x -(Stripped Drum Loops) – (167 x Drum Loops Total)
• 126 x Individual (.WAVs) (.One-Shots) Samples:
• -24 x -(Hi-Hats)
• -28 x -(Kicks)
• -44 x -(Percussion Hits)
• -30 x -(Snares)
• 476 x Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free


Demo Preview:

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