Groove3 Vocal Production with Auto-Tune Unlimited [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Vocal Production with Auto-Tune Unlimited [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Vocal Production with Auto-Tune Unlimited [TUTORIAL]

Auto-Tune has long been an industry standard for tuning and processing vocals, but Auto-Tune Unlimited takes this to a new level. Join Groove3 instructor Gary Hiebner for a detailed look at this flagship plug-in suite from Antares that includes everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to vocals. From basic tuning duties to other effects like compression and EQ to mic modeling, timbre shifting, and much more, this collection handles all of your vocal duties and then some. In this Auto-Tune Unlimited video course, Gary will walk you through all the components, features, and parameters of this collection, so you’ll be ready to handle any vocal processing duties you encounter. This Auto-Tune Unlimited video tutorial series is designed for new Auto-Tune Unlimited users.

Gary begins with a brief introduction to the Auto-Tune universe, explaining what it is and what it can do (along with a quick demonstration), just to be sure everyone will be on the same page as we proceed through the course. Then he outlines the common parameters that exist across the suite, such as Retune, Flex Time, Vibrato, Humanize, etc. Next, you’ll see how the Auto-Key feature can automatically detect the key of your audio and apply it to the plug-in parameters so it will make smart tuning/harmonization choices.

You’ll then see how Auto-Tune Access, a streamlined version of Auto-Tune, can be used for your quick and dirty tuning duties, when the Pro version might be overkill. Gary also details the differences between the versions of Auto-Tune so you’ll be able to choose the appropriate tool for each specific job.

There’s much more to come, including the Vocal Compressor (with dual-band mode and plenty other features), Vocal EQ, EFX and EFX+ (full range of vocal effects), Motion feature (for adding pitched motion sequencing to your signal), Punch Vocal Impact Enhancer (for adding clarity and punch), AVOX Duo/AVOX Choir (creating doubled vocals and choir effects), Vocodist (for vocoder effects), Mutator (for alien voice effects), Articulator (talkbox effects), Mic Mod (microphone emulation), and more!

If you have a vocal and need to process it, Auto-Tune Unlimited can do it. With the information in this Auto-Tune Unlimited video course, you can be rest assured that you’ll have no trouble navigating all the incredible features at your disposal in this regard. See the individual Auto-Tune Unlimited video tutorial descriptions for more information and details about this comprehensive powerhouse suite. The ultimate in vocal control is at your command… watch “Auto-Tune Unlimited Explained┬«” today!

Songs Credits:

  • Shaharah Sinclair – Peace of Mind
  • Spencer Hansen – Heartbeat

What You Will Learn:

  • Basic Auto-Tune functionality and the differences between the various versions of the plug-in
  • How to generate smart pitch correction and harmonies with Auto-Key
  • Using AVOX Duo and AVOX Choir to generate vocal double and choir effects, respectively
  • Extensive vocal processing with EFX, EFX+, and others
  • And much more!

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