Groove3 Transient Design Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Transient Design Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Transient Design Explained TUTORIAL

The technique of transient design is a bit of a niche topic in the music production world. Many folks, amateur and pro alike, often engage in the practice, but many others simply don’t know what exactly is involved and therefore shy away from this powerful technique. If you fall into the latter category, this transient design course is for you! Production guru Chris Herrera gives you a comprehensive study of transient design, spotlighting and demonstrating six different common plug-ins built for the task and highlighting what makes each one unique. By the end of this transient design course, the topic will be completely demystified, and you’ll be able to start implementing these techniques on your very next production with obvious results. These transient videos are designed for those users new to the subject and the plugins used.

Chris begins by welcoming you and providing an explanation of various terms and concepts that will be covered, followed by an overview on the topic of transient design as a whole, with an emphasis on how it differs from other types of dynamic processing.

He then covers the various plug-ins that will be used throughout the series to demonstrate these techniques and ideas:

  • Flux Bittersweet
  • SPL Transient Designer
  • Waves Smack Attack
  • Logic Enveloper
  • Waves Trans X
  • Sonnox Oxford TransMod

Chris takes you through each plug-in and shows how they do what they do and covers the parameters in detail so you’ll be well-versed in using each.

If you’ve shied away from transient designers in the past, you’ll certainly wonder why after this course. These multi-use tools can do much more than simply shape the attack of a note, and Chris will break down all of these applications (deverb, tonal shaping, etc.) as well as the primary function with lots of audio examples, so you can hear for yourself how it’s working. Don’t neglect this critical process in your productions anymore … watch “Transient Design Explained┬«” now!

What You Will Learn:

  • Overview of a transient designer and how it works
  • The ins and outs of six popular transient design plug-ins from several manufacturers like Waves, Apple, SPL, and others
  • How to sculpt the transients on various sources like acoustic and electronic drums
  • and more!

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