Groove3 TONEX Pedal Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 TONEX Pedal Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 TONEX Pedal Explained [TUTORIAL]

Join amp simulation expert Gary Hiebner for a detailed look at the TONEX pedal from IK Multimedia, part of the guitar tone ecosystem designed to allow you to create models of any amp you choose and then access them via pedal anywhere you go. This TONEX video tutorial course focuses on the TONEX pedal, which houses your modeled amps in a rugged stage-worthy unit and includes a host of other features like EQ, effects, and much more. These TONEX videos will help you quickly make sense of this inspiring piece of gear so that you’ll be ready to start gigging with it right away! These videos are designed for new TONEX users.

Gary begins the course with an overview of what will be covered in this series and provides a quick explanation of the pedal’s connectivity options and basic parameters. He then demonstrates how to browse through the presets, demoing several so you can hear the quality, along with editing and saving presets. You’ll also learn how to customize the tones via the EQ, compression, presence, reverb, and noise gate controls.

Next, explore the various amp and cab models that come pre-installed in the TONEX and see how to switch between them. Then discover how to edit/save/create presets quickly via the TONEX Editor app, along with importing models from other users from the ToneNET community.

There’s much more as well, including the color scheme (explanation of different LED colors and what they indicate), using TONEX on a pedalboard (with various routing examples), using TONEX with your DAW (tracking guitar in Dual mode – both with a processed and unprocessed direct signal), easy vs. advanced mode, MIDI program changes (for changing presets and more), reverb types and parameters, using a real speaker cab with TONEX, and more!

The TONEX universe has been making big waves in the guitar community, and it’s easy to see why. Never before has it been so easy to effectively model your own amps and then access those models anywhere you go. With this TONEX video course, you’ll be well on you way to doing so in no time. The tonal options are truly limitless. Check out the TONEX pedal video descriptions for more info. Your favorite guitar tone no longer requires a back-breaking load-in … watch “TONEX Pedal Explained®” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • Connectivity layout of pedal and several use scenarios (on pedal board, with a real speaker cab, direct recording, etc.)
  • How to browse, edit, and save presets and customize the tone models with EQ, compression, and other effects
  • Integration with the TONEX Editor app for quick, easy editing and accessing the ToneNET community for tone-sharing with other users
  • Difference between easy and advanced modes
  • and much more!

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