Groove3 Serato Sample 2.0 Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Serato Sample 2.0 Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Serato Sample 2.0 Explained [TUTORIAL]

Join production guru Larry Holcombe for an in-depth look at Serato Sample 2.0, the new version of Serato’s powerful sampling tool that’s custom-built for making beats quickly and easily. Along with the new stems feature, which makes for painless isolating of instruments or vocals from your source, you’ll learn about all the other components, including the Beatgrid, cues, sample-loading, and more. These Serato Sample videos are for new Serato Sample 2.0 users.

Larry begins by outlining the plug-in’s interface so you can quickly familiarize yourself with the location of all the important elements of Sample 2.0. Then you’ll learn all about the new Stems feature and see how it makes separating a source sample a breeze. This is followed by a full overview of the sample-loading process, waveform viewing options, and some basic editing features, such as transposition and changing tempo.

Next, Larry covers the Beatgrid, where we have access to BPM changes throughout the sample by editing beat/bar markers, which is especially useful for older samples that may have not been recorded to a click, etc. You’ll also discover how the autoset presets work, which can be used to automatically slice up a sample based on beat increments, randomization, and more.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn about all the other features of Sample 2.0, including playing cues up and down the keyboard, Serato DJ cues, creating/selecting/deleting cues manually, other cue parameters (filtering, time stretching, pitch shifting, routing, etc.), and more. Larry finishes off with a demonstration in which he creates a beat with Sample 2.0, so you can cement all your newly learned skills right away.

If you’re a beatmaker, DJ, or electronic producer, Serato Sample 2.0 is likely to be one of the centerpieces of your music production toolkit. With this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to use it however you see fit. Whether you just need to quickly chop up a drum pattern or go deep into creative sound design, it’s all here. Check out the individual Serato Sample 2.0 video tutorial descriptions for more information on just what this amazing piece of software can do and how you can make it a part of your production workflow. The future of sampling awaits… watch “Serato Sample 2.0 Explained┬«” today!

What You Will Learn:

  • Interface layout and using the Stems feature to easily separate any sample into individual instruments/vocals
  • Complete sample loading/selection process, manipulation, and navigation
  • Using Autoset to establish rules for automatically locating samples, chopping by beat increments, and more
  • How to tweak the complete set of cue parameters (filtering, time stretch, pitch shift, etc.) for complete control
  • And more!

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