Gatekeep Sounds The Lost Files [Analog Lab V Bank]

Gatekeep Sounds The Lost Files [Analog Lab V Bank]

The Lost Files Kit is only $5 for a reason… I wanted to create a kit that had a premium feel to it but at the same time I wanted to keep it at a very low cost. Everything in this kit has the same level of quality as my most expensive kits. I purposely tested every single sound and preset in this kit to ensure that everything is useable and that there is no wasted sounds. With all that being said, here is what is featured in this kit.

The Lost Files (Royalty Free 100%)

  • 40 Analog Lab V Presets (Presets have also been converted to one shots for those who don’t have Analog Lab)
  • 20 Midis for making melodies (Royalty Free 100%)
  • 20 Accent Hits (Royalty Free 100%)

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