Freema Beats Feid Vocal Template

Freema Beats Feid Vocal Template

Freema Beats Feid Vocal Template

INCLUDES TEMPLATES FOR: Ableton, FL Studio and Pro Tools.

  • This template has been created to emulate the sound/mix of ++feid style voices++ inspired by the song “Si tu supieras”
  • When you download it you will receive an ++explanatory video tutorial++ to optimize the template as much as possible, learn more about the BUSES/GROUPS/SENDS and use it in the best way for your DAW
  • Each template comes with the ++demo video++ that we have on our channel where we explain each step in detail, the reasons why we use each plugin and how you can adapt it to your voice
  • Most of the PLUGINS used for the templates are from WAVES AUDIO and are NOT included with the template
  • These templates are tested with the following versions, they can be used with the same version or future versions

Ableton Live 10
FL Studio 20
pro tools 12


  • Waves Tune Real-time (Waves)
  • DeEsser (Waves)
  • API-560 (Waves)
  • CLA MixDown (Waves)
  • CLA-3A (Waves)
  • Manny Marroquin Reverb (Waves)
  •  Abbey Road Reverb Plates (Waves)
  • Doubler (Waves)
  • Maag EQ4 (Plugin Alliance)

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