Fox Samples Bruno Guitars

BRUNO GUITARS cover 600x600

Fox Samples Bruno Guitars
Size 375 Mb 

“Bruno Guitars” from Fox Samples is a amazing new product!

If you are looking for that guitar riff that will make your next pop record a hit, look no further! Over 500MB of live guitars inspired by the hit records of artists such as Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, and Robin Thicke.

Each guitar arrangement also comes with all its elements exported separately, giving you the freedom to add each particular guitar part wherever your song needs it.

Each of these 100 guitar loops are key and tempo labeled and are exported in top quality
24bit Wav.

These professionally played guitars will be a instant inspiration for your next production, don’t wait any longer, get POPin!


1- 100 live guitars (90bpm, 120bpm-125bpm, 130bpm-136bpm)

2- previews of the full arrangement


Part 1
Part 2

Demo preview:

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