Findasound Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT

Findasound Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT

Findasound Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT
Size 2.6 Gb 

Oriental Soloist 2 is a set of 335 sounds designed for oriental solo style playing sampled by Dr Raid Marji, sounds are designed to be mixed together through a four channel / sound output where the user can design, manipulate, and combine sounds together to get the desired results not only for solo playing but also for unison mixed oriental instruments. One unique feature in Oriental soloist 2 is the ability to select intervals of each of the four sounds separately according to scale, with the ability to control Octave, Volume, and pan separately as well. User can select legato/mono playing mode for each sound and control the volume envelope parameters for each sound. With four effects slots user can assign effects for each sound separately, effects rack includes: modulator, compressor, equalizer, filter, delay, and reverb.Glissando mode is another unique feature in Oriental soloist 2 where user can switch between monophonic glissando (glide) and legato glissandi (gradual notes), glissando is archived by playing low velocities for far notes.Qaurter tone scale option is available with the ability to save/recall scales with keys witches.

There are 12 key switches available in Oriental soloist 2, key switches are indicated with green color on the keyboard the red color indicates the active keyswitch.All parameters on the interface can be saved into a key switch except for effects on/off buttons and volumes envelope parameters (AHDSR), key switches can be turned on and off once turned on changing parameters will be saved automatically to the selected key switch, user can select kontakt snapshot option to save/recall his own presets, saving a snapshot will save all key switches and their assigned parameters.Scale and key menu will force played notes to be played within the selected scale/key, user can apply scale/key to all key switches by enabling the all keys witches button (ALL KS). The keyboard color menu allows the user to select keyboard color mode, default: all active notes blue, scale: all notes within a scale blue, rainbow: rainbow color keys.The harmonizer menu enables user to select chords presets that will recall intervals settings for each chord in the menu.Vibrato speed and pitch bend amount can be controlled their knobs at the top of the interface.


Quarter tone scale tuning with tune amount.
Pitch bend amount control.
Vibrato speed control.
Four channel instrument.
FX slot for each channel.
335 x 4 combinable sounds.
12 keys witches.
Full key range instrument.
Fully automated interface .
Scale key color.
Scale/key note.
36 scales.
Glissando modes.
Legato/mono mode for each channel.
Volume envelope for each channel.
Volume/pan controls for each channel.
± 4 Octaves control for each channel.
Intervals knob control for each channel.
Qucik sound browsing.

Sounds list:

Leads: 83 sounds.
Accordions: 14 sounds.
woodwinds: 12 clarinets, 2 flutes, 2 whistles, 1 bassoon, 1 recorder, 12 ney, 8 kawala, 9 gasba, 13 mejwiz, 5 bagpipes, 23 zurnas, 3 mizmars, 1 munjayra, 8 shakoli, 4 shubabeh, 3 balaban.
Brass: 4 tubas, 2 trombone, 8 trumpets, 5 saxphones.
Plucked: 4 saz, 2 baglama, 11 bozouki, 2 tambur, 2 santur, 3 setar, 1 banjo, 3 oud, 6 qanoun, 9 guitar.
Strings: 24 violin, 4 violins(section), 1 cello, 12 fiddle.
Others: Hammond, piano, harmonica.
Toys: 13 sliced loops.

Effects list:

Modulator (Phaser,Chorus,Flanger)


This library requires full kontakt player V 5.5.2 or later to work, otherwise it wont run or you will get library in demo mode.
This library can not be added to kontakt using the add library tab, just use file browser or quick load to load it.
Cubase users might hear clicks while using keyswitches.


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