Field & Foley Modern Trailer Guitars WAV

Field & Foley Modern Trailer Guitars WAV

For Modern Trailer Guitars both JJ Farris and John Harvey hit the studio with their guitar and bass gear to create unique modern trailer effects and sounds. Both Electric and Acoustic guitars as well as basses were used. To create these unique textures and fx, JJ and John used a Fender Strat w/Floyd Rose Whammy bar, Fernandes sustainer guitar, Steel Guitar, Taylor acoustic, Fender Jazz and P basses, Kala Uke bass, Digitech whammy pedal, Dunlop the talk box/tremolo pedal, MXR phaser pedal, Aguilar Filter Twin/Octamizer/Fuzzistor pedals, Eventide H-9 series along with Randall, Matchless, Mesa Boogie,` and Aguilar amps. All carefully crafted to elevate your sound design needs.

204 Samples

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