Fast Guitar Chord Transitions PDF

Fast Guitar Chord Transitions PDF

Fast Guitar Chord Transitions PDF

Perfect for the beginning guitarist in your life!

Learn how to transition between the most important chords fast. This book is one that would help a new guitar player go from beginner to intermediate quickly.

Transitioning between guitar chords is tougher than most think. It takes intentionality and is a skill unto itself. Most new guitarists work hard to learn their first few chords, but don’t realize the technique it takes to go from one chord to the next. Fast Guitar Chord Transitions bridges that gap–both for acoustic and electric guitar.

This is Micah Brooks’ fourth book aimed at helping guitar players succeed, but the first with such a pinpointed aim. Micah has been teaching guitar for more than fifteen years with numerous successful students. Books like Worship Guitar In Six Weeks and 42 Guitar Chords Everyone Should Know have been worldwide hits. Fast Guitar Chord Transitions falls in line with his others–a perfect solution for the new guitarist looking for the inside scoop.

Inside this book you’ll learn to transition chords in these essential keys:

  • The key of G
  • The key of D
  • The key of C
  • The key of E
  • The key of A

Plus, there is a bonus chapter teaching you how to use simple music theory (called The Nashville Numbers System) and your guitar companion: the capo.

Transitioning chords quickly will make playing guitar fun and rewarding. Such a great resource!

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