F9 Audio LIVE RACKS Parallel Suite

F9 Audio LIVE RACKS Parallel Suite

F9 Audio LIVE RACKS  Parallel Suite
Size 567 Mb 

Modern production and mixing is all about pushing things to the edge and controlled distortion. Parallel processing offers a near perfect method to reach the sounds of the professionals as it often leaves the original source untouched whilst adding enormous weight, power and front.

Ableton live offers it’s users a unique approach to effect building using the rack system and F9’s founder James Wiltshire is now well known as parallel processing evangelist & guru from his various tutorial videos for software house, educational facilities and magazines . Having mixed literally hundreds of records including multiple international number 1’s James has developed parallel techniques that have transferred Ableton perfectly and we believe are second to none.

We’ve also Tried to keep as many of the macro names descriptive and emotive rather than technical wherever possible
This exceptional suite of tools is a carefully distilled and hand-tuned set of tools from James’ personal collection designed to achieve pro-level results without a single 3rd party plugin. Many Swiss army knife tools exist in the collection and well as focused and job specific racks as well as treats such as the instant classic – Parallel Equaliser .

F9 is as much about education as the sound and we’ve included all the building blocks from this modular collection so you can tear down the devices in a much simpler form learn how to build your own parallel channels with Macro controls

The full list of racks in this release :

Parallel equaliser ( X4)

NYC Compression

2 Band Passive EQ

Vintage Vibes

Bass sonics

Parallel distortion

Space and time

Stem Multi Knife

Full Fat channel

Kick Sonics

Drum Sonics

Drums sonics B ( Multiband )

Drum FX

Vocal Sonics

Vocal FX

Vocal Modulation

Utility : filters

Utility : External input drive

Utility : Better Box

These racks require Live 9.5 due to use of the new filter algorithms. The main racks will work in both Standard and Suite editions


But that’s not all . As a taster of an immense set of Ableton rack instruments coming late this we we have added the following Bonus content :

Analog bass Heaven – One set of controls – 16 Different Analog multisample Waveform set from a minimoog Jupiter 4 and an MKS80 allow you to create everything from fat mono solid tech and house bases to swirling Analog 16 voice Reese’s stopping off in-between for pure 80’s future retro funk . New techniques mean no machine gunning – every note is slightly different

808 designer – Chromatic patches over 2 octaves that allow you to choose 12 different sub bodies ( from sampled vintage analog to cutting edge digital sources ) with12 different clicks to finally sculpt an 808 perfect for your production . Harmonic. lower mid and tape style limiting add to the flavour and these are never over processed allowing you to abuse the near-erect sub bass source as you wish

Analog Pad Heaven – One set of controls – 11 different multi-sampled analog waveform sets from a Jupiter 8, Prophet 6, Juno 60 and a Yamaha CS 60 give you the ultimate swirl and lush sonics. New techniques mean every note is slightly different

21st Century Bass – Chose any of the 12 sub elements then layer any of the 8 Low mid chunk basses , 8 Mallet sets and 8 Fried top layers for an ultimate contemporary bass – that’s 6144 possible combinations !

+ updated versions of our now famous Trinity Drum kits with arpeggiated 808 hats, snares and a new 909 kick drum

Technical Specs

7 Eq & Dynamics Racks
3 Vocal racks
2 Channel and Stem Racks
2 General purpose racks
3 Drum Processing Racks
1 Kick Processing rack
2 Bass Processing Racks
2 Utility Racks
3 TRINITY Drum Kit Racks
69 Sub racks ( Building Blocks )
54 Sampler Patches ( Suite only )


Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Demo Preview:

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