Evendyne EDM Loop Essentials


Evendyne EDM Loop Essentials
Size 272 Mb 

‘EDM Loop Essentials’ is a brand new offering from the professional team of Evendyne.

We crafted you 50 killer loop kits in several variations for maximal flexibility.

Each kit comes with 2-4 versions, including full loops, no kick loops and no kick loops which are more basic.

Our goal was simple – create a loop package which are precisely mixed, unique and can be used in EDM subgenres to the utmost, including Progressive House, Electro House or even Trance.

Be sure to listen to the preview, and you will hear it yourself!

Once purchased, the ‘EDM Loop Essentials’ is royalty free and can be used in your productions without restrictions.


o 50 EDM loop kits, including variations:
x Full
x No kick
x No kick, more basic (one or two)
o Over 400MB size
o 199 WAV (44kHz – 24 bit) files


Part 1
Part 2

Demo preview:

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