ENZYME // Drum & Bass Sample Pack WAV ALP

ENZYME // Drum & Bass Sample Pack WAV ALP

Ghost Syndicate, your ever-trusted sound supplier, have accidentally dropped a crateful of forbidden substances labeled top-secret. It is a rare sort of predicament, so don’t waste your time before somebody finds you. Grab a rusty old crowbar, and pry the crate open.

Inside you’ll find ENZYME: a galvanizing batch of toxic DnB ingredients that will allow you to dissolve, coagulate, and synthesize like a proper psych, coming up with hazardous sonic compounds previously unheard of.

Transform your comfy little studio into a top-security underground chemistry lab. Wedged into a cliff on a no man’s island, rigged with impregnable doors and top-of-the-line security equipment, it is now a perfect place to be sure that all outsiders and idle ears are kept at bay.

Prepare to haul your skill level to that of a manic and felonious chemist who’s wanted by all existing intelligence agencies out there. And mind you, this is no freshman’s game, you’re in for an unsparing test on your competence. But given the right set of tools, no test should ever be impassable.

Luckily enough, that’s the case with you.

This hands-on set of raw materials will ensure unprecedented precision and ease in putting together deep and unrelenting DnB tunes that will surely give your listeners a few chemical burns, and perhaps a couple of gruesome mutations, too.

Just don’t forget to hang up the biohazard sign.


· 57 Bass Loops
· 27 Drum Loops
· 27 Hat Loops
· 27 Top Loops
· 27 Percussion Loops
· 27 Kick & Snare Loops
· 27 Synth Loops
· 23 Atmo Loops
· 15 Fx Loops
· 30 Fills
· 46 Hats
· 26 Kicks
· 1 Ableton Live Drum Rack


Demo Preview:

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