DM7 Academy Burn in Noise Masterclass TUTORIAL

DM7 Academy Burn in Noise Masterclass TUTORIAL

DM7 Academy Burn in Noise Masterclass TUTORIAL

Get ready to learn how to produce psytrance with one of the greatest masters of the genre! Gustavo Manfroni, known by the stage name Burn In Noise and by the projects Infinitti Gritti, Circuit Breakers, Undefined Behavior and The First Stone, produced this MasterClass in his studio in Brazil, recording originally in English but with subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish as well.

Gustavo has been dedicated to the artistic career for more than 2 decades, accumulating knowledge and experiences that he always wanted to share however never really had the opportunity to do so due to his constant commitment to his musical career.

Throughout this masterclass, you will have access to the secrets and everything he knows related to music production as well as detailed teachings on the music creation process which include sound design, for creating your own timbres.

By purchasing this material, the students will have exclusive unrestricted 12 months access to a total of 21 classes, besides exclusive sample packs and presets that consolidate an unique course. Students will be able to watch classes at their own place, as many times as they want.

Furthermore, ALL course participants will receive the files needed to make a remix for “Below Surface”, Burn In Noise`s track in partnership with Altruism.

The three best remixers will receive a free mentoring session with Gustavo, pointing ways that the track can improve, and later on will be selected for exclusive release by DM7 Records at the end of the year.

Create a complete track in 20 chapters with a total duration of 08 hours.

Learn each step in the process of creating a psytrance track.

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