Djedjotronic R.U.R SOUNDPACK WAV

Djedjotronic R.U.R SOUNDPACK WAV

Rough, disruptive, and proudly unconventional, Djedjotronic’s subversive signature has been there since the first time he heard Warp Records.

Immersed in the fathomless field of electronic expression, he instantly quit his indie band, sold his guitar and bought an MPC. Rather than creating cookie-cutter bangers for convention’s sake, Djedjotronic has no recipe and would rather make a record that’s true to his expression, stands on its own accord, and adds to his personal musical vocabulary.

A syntax that’s fluent in tension and release, past and future, light and dark and complete authenticity. His individual sounds are no different and now you have full access to them for your productions and projects. Find dark atmospherics, spacey FX, modular loops, and any other sound you need to make an industrial techno banger sure to put listeners in a euphoric trance.


· 14 Drum Loops
· 14 Hi Hat Loops
· 15 Kicks
· 11 Percussion Loops & One Shots
· 9 Snares
· 21 FX
· 3 Sub Loops
· 25 Synth Loops
· 37 Synth One Shots


Demo Preview: