David Dumais Audio Steampunk Mech SFX WAV

David Dumais Audio Steampunk Mech SFX WAV

David Dumais Audio Steampunk Mech SFX WAV

Get a complete arsenal of steampunk mechanical sound effects for your game. All sounds in the Steampunk Mech SFX Pack are drag-and-drop ready for your project. Every audio file is easily searchable as they were meticulously organized into categories to make it easy to find the perfect sound for your project.

Make your selection from various designed categories to suit the mechanisms in your game. Discover a wide range of sounds perfect for gears, gadgets, cranks, bells, clocks, weapons, workshop contraptions, factory machines, and metal impacts.

Looking for raw recordings as well? We’ve got you covered. Steampunk Mech SFX includes some of the original recordings used to design the sound pack.

Obtain sounds for factory-sized and miniature mechanisms, wood and metal gears, as well as spinning, clicking, ringing, and snapping gadgets. Pristinely recorded and designed, these sounds are a must-have to bring your game that polish you are looking for.


  •  1000+ sound effects that you can import directly into your project
  •  HQ steampunk sounds including wooden and metal gears, pumps, gadgets, machinery, bells, clocks, cranks, weapons, and more
  •  Over 7GB of HQ audio content (at 96khz 24bit)
  •  Super HQ audio recorded and designed at 192k 32bit and delivered at 96k 24bit
  •  Easily and quickly find sounds with richly embedded metadata (Soundminer, Basehead, Soundly, UCS, BWF)

Included in this pack:

  •  Bells (11 files)
  •  Bonus Content (244 files)
  •  Clocks (50 files)
  •  Cranks (43 files)
  •  Designed Impacts (19 files)
  •  Dropped Metals (28 files)
  •  Factory Machines (100 files)
  •  Gadgets (330 files)
  •  Gears (86 files)
  •  Miscellaneous Metals (42 files)
  •  Pumps (14 files)
    Weapons (67 files)
  •  Workshop Contraptions (27 files)

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