Dark Intervals Mandolin Textures [KONTAKT]

Dark Intervals Mandolin Textures [KONTAKT]

Dark Intervals Mandolin Textures [KONTAKT]

MANDOLIN TEXTURES is a Kontakt instrument created using the sound of an acoustic mandolin.

On some patches the sound is heavily manipulated, giving birth to unexpected sonic creations.

Mandolin Textures – Unexpected Sonic Creations for Kontakt
This instrument does not represent a sampled mandolin with all articulations. This is an inspiring tool which is based on a mandolin source, and is highly inspiring and musical.

The first two patches are standard muted mandolin sounds, which we like a lot and find highly flexible and natural.

The Muted Mandolin patch is sampled in 4 velocity layers and 3 round robins. Other patches are various textures, pads and ambient sounds.

Mandolin is sampled with a Royer SF 12 stereo microphone in combination with an original Neve 1073 stereo pair of preamps OR occasionally Millenia HV-3C.


  •  There are three pages on the GUI. First page shows just waveform
  •  Second page shows envelope and filter section (cut and resonance for LPF and HPF)
  •  Third page shows delay and reverb parameters
  •  On pages 2 and 3 , you can see stereo spread and pan adjustment section.

Product Info

  •  15 nki files
  •  1 muted mandolin patch, sampled in 4 velocity layers and 3 roundrobins
  •  48000 khz, 24-bit quality
  •  670 MB unzipped size

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Full Kontakt v6.6.1 or higher!

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Demo Preview:

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