Cymatics Infinity House Samplepack + Bonuses

Cymatics InfinCymatics Infinity House Samplepack + Bonusesity House Samplepack

Cymatics Infinity House Samplepack + Bonuses
Size 3.75 Gb

Infinity has finally arrived…

Introducing our most anticipated samplepack of all time.

We’ve studied the toughest hurdles that music producers face today… and annihilated them all with 2,600 of the highest quality, hand-crafted samples ever created.

To perfect Infinity, we spared no expense to ensure that every single sample was either recorded live by some of the best musicians or designed by the one of the most skillful sound designers in the world.

Overall, we invested $43,000 over the past 8 months to create truly original samples and loops that the world has never heard before.

This pack will not only instantly help you achieve a cleaner mix, but you’ll also never have to process or edit another inadequate sample.

And to prove that Infinity lives up to its steep expectation, we vigorously tested it through the beta program and went through multiple iterations of quality control on this pack.

In fact, we cut out over 2000 samples to guarantee that there was absolutely no filler.

Through this pursuit of excellence and discovery of original, innovative sounds, we were able to create the greatest premium samplepack.

Infinity has even gained the attention of some of the biggest names in the EDM scene:

Afrojack: “Wow! Infinity really is an endless resource of great sounds!”
MAKJ: “Probably the best 128 [bpm] pack I’ve ever used.”
Pegboard Nerds: “Sounds dope.”
Tom Budin: “The drum samples are next level and the pack is really high quality.”
By exclusively releasing 950 copies, we have given you the opportunity to get a entire library of world class samples that will set you apart from millions of other producers.

And the first 500 people to get Infinity will also receive the only Cymatics Gold USB ever released that contains secret content that no other producer will EVER have access to. (SOLD OUT)

To make Infinity even more valuable, we’ve included 3 full unreleased products including:

Zephyr Live Percussion & Foley – 1200+ Samples
Aurora Live Drum Recordings – 660+ Samples, Loops, & Fills
Elixir Acapellas & Vocal Loops – 3 Acapellas, 8 MIDIs, & 30 Vocal Loops
So in total, you will be receiving 4500+ of the highest quality samples available on the market… period.

Included in this pack:

• 100 Kicks
• 125 Snares
• 180 Claps
• 65 Snaps
• 300 Live Percussions
• 100 Synth Percussions
• 150 Cymbals & Hihats
• 127 Acoustic Drums
• 100 Hihat Loops
• 100 Percussion Loops
• 100 Drum Fills
• 100 Buildup Drums
• 75 MIDI
• 125 Vocals
• 100 Chord Loops
• 100 Arp Loops
• 100 Drop Loops
• 50 Piano Loops
• 50 String Loops
• 50 Guitar Loops
• 75 Ambience
• 75 Downlifters
• 75 Impacts
• 75 Reverse FX
• 75 Risers
• 50 White Noise

Exclusive launch bonusses:
– Zephyr Live Percussion & Foley (1200+ Samples)
– Aurora Live Drum Recordings (660+ Samples & Loops)
– Elixir Acapellas & Vocal Loops (3 Acapellas, 8 MIDIs, & 30 Vocal LoopsS



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