cryptic Psychokinesis Drumkit WAV

cryptic Psychokinesis Drumkit WAV

discover radioactive circuits, machine impulses, ultraorganic bioacoustics and hypnotic sonics and combine all the sections to create an immersive acoustic experience – featuring 200+ wavs this collection lets you unleash your imagination and create from a new perspective.

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⁰¹ microkinesis ⥯ explore contaminated sonics, electric circuits and warped sound fragments – thermonuclear sounds found in a distorted dimension. (48 wavs)
⁰² ferrokinesis ⥯ features factory frequencies, magnetic devices and retro-futuristic machines – noises from an industrial dystopia/utopia. (53 wavs)
⁰³ biokinesis ⥯ discover supersonic bioacoustics, organisms from another dimension and blooming tones – a ultraorganic ecosystem. (49 wavs)
⁰⁴ telekinesis ⥯ contains binaural atmos, hypersonic noises and psychic audio-phenomenons – a collection of otherworldly tones & timbres. (51 wavs)
⁰⁵ psychobounce [ bonus ] ⥯ rhythmic elements / loops / textures inspired by the 4 phases of psychokinesis – distorted colors, industrial energy, organic earcandy and binaural bounces. (25 wavs)

226 wav files in total.

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