cryptic Ecosystem Creative Drumkit WAV

cryptic Ecosystem Creative Drumkit WAV

cryptic Ecosystem Creative Drumkit WAV

an interactive network of interconnected sounds and sonics that sparks your creativity beyond your imagination • originally created + curated by © cryptic – featuring over 200+ sounds including earcandy percussion sounds, signature rimshots, unique 808s and much more – a complete flora & fauna of organic + futuristic sonics

subdivided into three sections:

❀ the lowend category features sonorous 808s + basses, otherworldly kicks and rich + profound toms to create a strong fundamental base for your productions. (60 sounds in total)
✾ the midend group consists of organic claps, distinctive rimshots and exotic snares to create colorful dynamics that generates a refreshing experience while creating. this folder also contains 50 earcandy percussion one-shots to elevate your soundselection and create a climax in your creation. (105 sounds in total)
❃ the highend section includes clean + texturized hi-hats, open-hats & shakers to create bounces from another dimension and to add character to your existing ideas. (40 sounds in total)
✿ the secret bonus folder encloses a bunch of bounce ideas, found sounds, field recordings and much more goodies for you to discover new soundscapes to get inspired by. (40 sounds in total)

content ✺
20 808s – 5 basses – 20 kicks – 15 toms – 10 claps – 15 rimshots – 30 snares – 50 percussion one-shots – 25 hi-hats – 10 open-hats – 5 shakers – 40 bonus items (245 sounds in total)

⥵ compatible with every DAW (fl studio, logic, ableton, etc)

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