Create Rhythmic Foundations With Session Percussionist [TUTORIAL]

Create Rhythmic Foundations With Session Percussionist [TUTORIAL]

In this course, we’ll study Native Instruments’ Session Percussionist. There’s an abundance of new plugins out there, but it’s rare to find a comprehensive course solely dedicated to just one of them. Instead of navigating through lengthy manuals on your own, this class provides an immersive experience of using Session Percussionist where you not only learn the nuances outlined in the manual but also put your newfound knowledge into immediate practice.

You will create a percussion track from scratch using the Session Percussionist plugin. We will start with creating patterns for five percussion instruments of your choice. After establishing these rhythms, we’ll dive into the creative process, fine-tuning our patterns by adjusting articulations, velocities, timings, and various other parameters. To bring our composition to life, we’ll delve into the world of mixing, tweaking EQ, compression, and reverb settings.

Once you’ve laid down the rhythmic foundation, you will expand your composition by adding one or more instruments of your choice.

Join me in this creative adventure where we not only explore but also shape our percussion masterpiece. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this course is designed to inspire and empower you on your musical journey. Let’s make music together!

  • Music Enthusiasts and Hobbyists
  • Aspiring Music Producers
  • Beginners in Music Production
  • Musicians eager to explore the new Session Percussionist plugin from Native Instruments

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