Classical Music Piano Tutorial: Canon in D Piano Beginners [TUTORIAL]

Classical Music Piano Tutorial: Canon in D Piano Beginners [TUTORIAL]

Canon in D, written by Johann Pachelbel is one of the most popular classical pieces, and is one of the most requested piece to learn by my adult piano students. This piece features simple yet beautiful melody. Its soothing and uplifting qualities make it appeal to both listeners and musicians, and you can find this piece used as relaxing music pieces, sleep music, in movies, commercials and more.

Originally written for strings (3 violins and a bass), this music has been re-arranged for many other instruments. In this course, I have arranged this piece to be played on the piano, and suitable for anyone – even piano beginners. We’ll divide and conquer this course, by dividing the piece into 5 parts, and learning one part at a time.

This course is written for piano and music beginners. No prior knowledge of music is required. I’ll go through the essential theory that you’ll need to know as we go along. If learning to play this classical music piece, Canon in D, on the piano is your goal for this year, look no further. I’ll see you inside the course!

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Hi, I’m RL Wong your instructor, and I have been playing the piano for more than 2 decades, and have taught many students how to play the piano.

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