Cinematic Mixing Orchestral Music TUTORIAL

Cinematic Mixing Orchestral Music TUTORIAL

Cinematic Mixing Orchestral Music TUTORIAL

Orchestral cues often have lots of ‘moving parts’. There’s the living, breathing dynamics of each of the sections as they play off each other, there’s the incredible range of timbres that the instruments are able to produce and there’s the sheer size of the soundscape.

The job as a mixer can seem overwhelming. You often start with hundreds of individual tracks and somehow have to find a way to blend them together to bring a balanced and ‘well rounded’ sound.

What we need is a system we can use for ‘every mix’ that breaks things down into logical steps and explains every aspect of orchestral mixing.

Piece by Piece

In ‘Mixing Orchestral Music’ we’ve provided a blueprint to help you build a great orchestral mix ‘from the ground up’. We’ve taken away the guesswork at every point of the process so you can be confident of finishing up with a professional sounding track. You’ll learn everything from how to set up your session for maximum efficiency to the use of effects like EQ and compression, the magic of automation, and finally how ad saturation and warmth to your sounds.

What You’ll Learn

  • 1. Get it All Under Control
    Learn how to bring all those tracks into stems to make your mixing job easier and more spontaneous.
  • 2. Enhance and Sculpt
    Learn how to add some spice to your samples with analog saturation and then sculpt them to give them character.
  • 3. Inject Some Realism
    As good as modern sample libraries are, you need need to take control to make them sound more ‘human’. This is where automation shines.
  • 4. A Deeper Look
    This is where you are shown how to get the absolute best out of your samples libraries. It includes a comprehensive guide for each possible scenario for just about every instrument. Eg. Mixing for both ‘low’ and ‘high’ strings with short and long notes, Mixing trumpets, horns and brass ensemble, Hi and Lo percussion, etc
  • 5. Front to Back
    Discover how to enhance the depth of your mix using a variety of tools and techniques including reverbs and delays.
  • 6. A Look Behind The Scenes
    Study some pro tracks as they move through from the ‘composition stage’ all the way through to the mixing stage to the mastering process.

The curriculum

Explore Mixing Orchestral Music

This course will take you through the complete process of how to mix orchestral music.
Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet & Smartphone.

You’ll start by building some structure into the session by grouping your tracks into stems to make the job less daunting and you’ll learn how to use effects correctly with orchestral instruments and sections.

You’ll learn about the types of reverb plugins available and how to use them to give your track the required ambiances.

You’ll discover how automation can help bring your track to life by simulating the real dynamics of an orchestra.

You’ll study ‘pro level’ soundtrack stems and get a feel for what you should be aiming for in your own mixes.

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