Christina Aguilera – Elevate Your Singing & Stage Presence [TUTORIAL]

Christina Aguilera – Elevate Your Singing & Stage Presence [TUTORIAL]

Perform like a pop star with Grammy Award winner Christina Aguilera. Practice the vocal warm-up she made just for this session, pick the perfect song, and deliver a powerful performance.

Sing a stage-worthy performance
Level up your skills with step-by-step guidance on projects to achieve learnings you’re proud of.

Flexible curriculum
We break down the class into manageable activities to do at your own pace.

Feedback & discussions
Access a community of peers to get feedback and be inspired

All levels
This session is approachable for beginners and has advanced techniques for the more experienced.

Skills you will learn

Warm-Up Your Voice:

  • Learn the Breath of Fire
  • Release tension
  • Master head and chest voice
  • Develop a practice routine

Take the Stage:

  • Develop your vision
  • Add emotion to performances
  • Connect with your audience
  • Form creative collaborations

Find Your Unique Style:

  • Experiment with your voice
  • Discover your vocal range
  • Learn how to riff and phrase
  • Interpret your favorite song

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