Brown Royal Chord Jester WAV

Brown Royal Chord Jester WAV
Size 112 Mb

Chord Jester

8 Original Piano Samples composed by the King. you get two choices of Dry or Wet for each sample. All Samples are in 24 Bit Wav Format and 44k.

Included files:

CJA Dry.wav
CJAB Wet.wav
CJB Dry.wav
CJBC Wet.wav
CJD Chords Dry.wav
CJD Dry.wav
CJD Melody Dry.wav
CJDE Chords Wet.wav
CJDE Melody Wet.wav
CJDE Wet.wav
CJF Chords Dry.wav
CJF Melody Dry.wav
CJFG Chords Wet.wav
CJFG Melody Wet.wav
CJFG Wet.wav
CJH Dry.wav
CJHI Wet.wav
CJK Dry.wav
CJK Bass Dry.wav
CJK Main Dry.wav
CJKL Bass Wet.wav
CJKL Main Wet.wav
CJKL Wet.wav
CJM Dry.wav
CJMN Wet.wav
CJO Dry.wav
CJOP Wet.wav


Demo Preview: