Bogren Digital Tue Madsen (Signature Impulse Response Pack) [WAV]

Bogren Digital Tue Madsen (Signature Impulse Response Pack) [WAV]

Bogren Digital Tue Madsen (Signature Impulse Response Pack) [WAV]

Massive guitar tones from a metal master

  • 31 producer impulse responses
  • Engineered and mixed by producer Tue Madsen
  • Rhythm, Clean, and Lead IRs
  • Profiled from the cabs used on top metal albums
  • Mic’d, EQ’d, and tailored to fit into your mix
  • Compatible with all software and hardware IR loaders

Bring your amp sim to life
Tue Madsen IR Pack

Did you know that at least 80% of a guitar sound comes from the speaker cabinet?

All software amps use impulse responses to emulate the cab. The fastest way to make your guitar sound better is to use the best sounding IRs available.

In Tue’s words
What can people expect from this IR pack?

You can expect a bunch of my cabinets collected through a life time recorded with my microphones of choice and signal chain and most importantly: My taste in sound. Also the IRs from the Kemper packs we put out earlier are included here.

What were your favorite cabs and speakers when creating the pack?

My favorites… are all of them. They all behave differently depending on the amps and guitars you use before them and sometimes the more surprising one will turn out to be the right one. I still find new ways of using them. My Mesa cab IR is one I use a lot though.

Was there any unique gear used?

Microphones were the faithful Shure SM57, a collection of ribbon mikes, AKG C414, My old favorite for guitar ADK 51S, But the main point here is : Use your ears. Don’t let the letters and numbers cloud your decisions 🙂

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