BLEASS Voices v1.0.6 [WIN]


BLEASS Voices v1.0.6 [WIN]

BLEASS Voices is a flexible and powerful audio plugin dedicated to pitching, transforming, doubling and harmonizing vocals and other monophonic sources. With a total of 12 pitch shifted voices, each providing detailed control over pitch, formant, tone, width and placement, BLEASS Voices will redefine your vocal creativity and unleash your inner choir.

Four of BLEASS Voices’ harmonized voices can be transposed independently by up to an octave higher or lower, or can be flattened to a chosen pitch. The remaining eight voices are triggered via MIDI, transposing the input signal to match the incoming MIDI notes. Coupled with BLEASS Voices’ deep implementation of MPE, this lets you play vocal chords that ooze expressiveness and nuance, and vocal solos with realistic glides, trills and embellishments.

Alongside the extensive MPE support, BLEASS Voices also includes synth-style modulators that add new dimensions of movement and variation to your vocal performances. With two LFOs, an envelope follower and a pattern sequencer, BLEASS Voices is like a performance synth for vocals!

All voices have access to the plugin’s intelligent pitch correction algorithm that forces the voices into a selected key and scale. Additionally, as well as feeding into the master output, each voice has its own independent output buss allowing you to mix and add effects to those voices as though they were standalone recordings*.

BLEASS Voices works with fundamental frequencies ranging from 66Hz (approximately C1**) to 5.2kHz (approximately E7**), making this the ideal plugin for tuning, doubling and harmonizing not only your vocal parts, but many other monophonic instrument parts too.

BLEASS Voices also offers a real-time mode for live performances, ensuring ultra-low latency.

BLEASS Voices is available now on Windows, Mac and iOS.

* Accessing independent output busses requires a host DAW that supports multiple outputs from plugins.

** Where C3 = Middle C / MIDI Note #60

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