BFA SMACK 2: Claps, Snaps & Stomps [KONTAKT]

BFA SMACK 2: Claps, Snaps & Stomps [KONTAKT]

SMACK 2: Claps, Snaps & Stomps is an immersive sample set of body percussion that offers an impressive level of detail. After the success of the original SMACK, we set out to design and record a worthy sequel that not only captures the same magic of the first library, but also improves on it in several ways.

For starters, we recorded all of the body percussion with three different customizable mic positions: close, stereo, and room. Next, we deepened the sample set to make each performance as realistic as possible by recording eleven round robins and up to seven velocity layers. Lastly, to add even more audio flavor, we captured the performances in small, medium, and large-sized rooms.

To make SMACK 2 even more versatile, we explored various new clapping techniques and unique stomping surfaces. For example, we sampled a single person stomping on a guitar case with a tambourine on top, and also a small group stomping on plastic packing materials.

For total control over your sound, we created over seventy articulation patches for immediate access to each round robin sample on the keyboard.

To complement the body percussion we crafted a large set of unique electronic sounds. This patch includes electronic toms, kicks, snaps, claps, and other percussion. While these samples sound great on their own, they also blend beautifully with the acoustic samples.

There are eight powerful effects included in SMACK 2 that can be applied either globally or per channel. For quick inspiration, utilize over forty professionally designed effect presets.

In addition to all this, we designed the interface to be as simple and intuitive as its predecessor’s while offering more power and flexibility. SMACK 2 is the body percussion tool every producer needs in their back pocket.

Product Features:

  •  38 articulations
  •  Recorded in 3 environments
  •  3 mixable mic positions
  •  43 effect presets
  •  83 total patches
  •  11 round robins
  •  Up to 7 velocity layers
  •  Over 12,000 samples
  •  Full Komplete Kontrol & Maschine integration
  •  Total size: 3.2GB

Works with NI Kontakt Player v6.7.1 and higher!

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Demo Preview:

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