Beginner’s Guide To Electronic Music Production [TUTORIAL]

Beginner’s Guide To Electronic Music Production [TUTORIAL]

Dreaming of producing your own tracks? You open your Digital Program and… What Now? This course is for you!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use a Digital Audio Workstation
  • Basic setting up and sound creation
  • Beats and Audio editing
  • Complete basics in electronic music production
  • Some basic mastering


  • Computer, Audio Interface, Bitwig
  • No experience needed just lots of passion for music

So this course is aimed to those people who have never touched a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), this is basically the program we will use to control and manipulate sounds, compose music and make the final product. In this course we will be using Bitwig Studio as our main DAW and we will be using only synthesizers, drum machines and fx which come with Bitwig to make our story. All you need is a computer with Bitwig installed, an Audio Interface, Studio Monitors, endless time, a love for music and sound. The course consists of 9 lessons of around 45 mins each, starting from the point were you open your DAW and say what now??? and working its way through creating atmospheres, beats and melodies up to constructing your track, finalising, mastering and exporting it. With this course you will have a reference go to safe place were you can re-check and re-learn what you might have forgotten, by buying it you will also invest in my musical projects Interconnekted and In Spirit thus also sponsoring more awesome music!So if your heart is telling you to make music but you don’t have a clue then this course is just for you!

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