BBC Maestro Songwriting Gary Barlow [TUTORIAL]

BBC Maestro Songwriting Gary Barlow [TUTORIAL]

This complete course taught by Gary Barlow, writer of 14 number one songs, is designed to take you from the tune in your head to becoming a successful songwriter.

What you’ll learn
Whether you’re a beginner, in a rock band, or a producer, there’s a lot to be learned from Gary’s course. Be inspired as he crafts a new song from scratch.

Meet your Maestro
Gary Barlow, OBE, is one of Britain’s greatest songwriters. He’s written songs for Delta Goodram, T-Pain, N-Dubz, Lily Allen, Shirley Bassey, Take That and more. He’s sold over 50 million records, had 14 No.1 singles and learnt a lot in 30 years. He’s going to share it all with you on this course.

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