BBC Maestro Music Production Mark Ronson Masterclass [TUTORIAL]

BBC Maestro Music Production Mark Ronson Masterclass [TUTORIAL]

Want to make a hit record? Mark Ronson’s here to show you how. From making your own beats from old vinyl to pop song structure, Mark will help you create a track from scratch and pepper it with that Ronson magic that’ll get it on every playlist.

Inside his New York studio, he’ll zoom in on production techniques while sharing unheard Amy Winehouse Back to Black demos and breaking down his biggest songs.

What you’ll learn
Join Mark Ronson as he reveals his music production secrets, from sampling and songwriting to tracking vocals. You’ll look over Mark’s shoulder as he creates a song from scratch with Grammy winning artist Jon Bellion, using editing software to record, cut, create loops, use plug-ins, quantise and reinforce drums. This is detailed, step-by-step instruction with recommendations for the best kit to use along the way.

Meet your Maestro
An internationally renowned DJ, artist and producer, with accolades including eight Grammys, two Brits and an Academy Award, Mark is sharing his production secrets for the very first time. He’s become a familiar face at the top of the charts with global hits such as Rehab, Uptown Funk, and Shallow and is now here to help you mix your very own hit. Don’t believe it, just watch.

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