Auddict United Strings of Europe: Cellos KONTAKT

Auddict United Strings of Europe: Cellos KONTAKT
6.74 Gb

The United Strings of Europe is a London-based ensemble made up of young professionals from across the European Union and Switzerland with the goal of promoting musical and cultural cooperation at the highest level.


  • Over 12GB of content
  • SEVEN microphone positions replicating a film scoring setup, so you can craft your own sound to taste. Separate desk spot mics can be used to simulate divisi.
  • Recorded at the world-renowned Cadogan Hall
  • Over 22,000 samples+
  • Multiple TRUE LEGATO sets including normal and portamento, at different dynamics (cross-fade-able with MIDI CC1)
  • 7RR Staccato, Pizzicato and Sautille/Spiccato multiplied by multiple dynamic layers
  • Tremolo, Harmonics and Trills

Full Articulation List

  • Polyphonic
  • Legato
  • Portamento
  • Tremolo
  • Harmonics
  • Trills
  • Staccato
  • Pizzicato
  • Sautille

Select this articulation, and you can play a trill or tremolo between any two notes by holding them down on the keyboard (up to seven notes apart/a perfect fifth).

This instrument requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 4, or above (so it will also run in Kontakt 5 perfectly). The full version of Kontakt 4, is not the free “Kontakt Player”, it is the full retail version.