AT161 Pegasus Note // MIDI Files

AT161 Pegasus Note // MIDI Files

AT161 Pegasus Note // MIDI Files

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of music theory, writing a new album or simply looking to kickstart a new track idea? Pegasus Note is here to help.

107 Track ideas

Each of the 107 MIDI files is a new song idea waiting to be released. Fully comprehensive MIDIs that contain more than just top lines. Assign the files to your favourite synthesizers and finish your next production.


Each royalty free MIDI file can be used as it is. For those that want to add their personal touch, they are easily customised. Transpose or rearrange to incorporate your own touch of magic.

Become a prolific songwriter

Pegasus Note was created to help you improve your songwriting capabilities. Breaking down the creative barriers that we sometimes face as music producers.

Works with any DAW

Learn how your favourite hooks and melodies were created. Each MIDI is marked with a key signature, so you can easily add it to your existing project, in any DAW.

What’s included?

  • 107 x Melodic MIDI Files

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