Ask Video Logic Pro 11 100: Introducing Logic Pro 11 [TUTORIAL]

Ask Video Logic Pro 11 100: Introducing Logic Pro 11 [TUTORIAL]

Apple’s Logic Pro 11 has dropped, and legendary Logic expert Steve Horelick is here with an exciting, in-depth course. Discover all the new features such as ChromaGlow, Studio Piano, Studio Bass, Stem Splitter, and much more. So learn Logic Pro 11 now with this comprehensive guide.

Logic Pro 11 for Mac and Logic Pro 2 for iPad are substantial updates packed with exciting new AI features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Join Steve H as he explores the new tools, explaining how they work, how you can use them, and why they are essential to know.

Dive into the latest Studio Assistant feature: ChromaGlow, Logic’s amazing new saturator plugin that emulates the sound of vintage analog gear like tube amps and compressors, magnetic tape, analog preamps, and EQs. Hear how it warms up individual tracks and your mix with its breathtaking analog distortion. See and listen to the new Studio Piano in action, with its multiple mic settings and powerfully realistic controls.

Next, Steve reveals Studio Bass, which could be the most lifelike sounding electric and upright bass ever created. He also covers Stem Splitter, demonstrating how to dissect a stereo mix into individual parts and remix them right before your eyes, including replacing drums and bass on a split track. Then, Steve will guide you through the new session players: Session Keyboardist, and Session Bassist, along with the updated Session Drummer. You’ll learn all about internal MIDI routing and explore the new Instrument Channel Strip Input feature, and more…

There are so many cool new things in Logic Pro 11! So sit back and dive into this cool new Steve H course we call ‘Introducing Logic Pro 11.’

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