Artisan Audio Deep House Stabs Organ Pads & Strings


Artisan Audio Deep House Stabs Organ Pads & Strings
Size 588 Mb 

Beautiful, emotive and soulful; every inch of this collection is laced with the kind of warmth and feeling that can only be achieved from live players on analogue gear. Artisan Audio has compiled a pack of all the melodic essentials for creating amazing, deep, emotive House Music and Downtempo. Focusing on the key elements of chords, stabs, pads, strings and organs with over 200 wav loops and corresponding MIDI this pack is in a class of its own. All you need to do is fire up some crisp percussion and add some low end warmth and you have yourself a timeless, organic house anthem. We’ve got a range of styles on offer from both stabbing strings and plucks to full bowed goodness. Throbbing organ stabs and long sustained chords, everything is hear for your production pleasure. Keyed by the fingers of expert players on a collection of gear to give the highest level of authenticity possible.

Artisan Audio has made this pack with all the love and care people have come to expect from their best selling range of samples. This pack is liquid gold for lovers of all things deep and melodic.


24 Bit Quality
200 Wav Loops
50 Organ Loops
50 Stab Loops
200 Midi Loops
50 Pad Loops
50 String Loops


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Demo Preview:

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