Andalusian Violin Vol. 2 WAV

Andalusian Violin Vol. 2 WAV

Andalusian Violin Vol. 2 WAV

The ‘Sounds’ series by Gio Israel is a window to the worlds’ ancient musical traditions. The source of Andalusian music is the south of Spain (Andalusia) that at time expended to the ancient musical traditions of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Merging with Africa the sounds and musical technics now include North African influences making Andalusian music a vast, cultural treasure.

The ancient versions have been managed to survive the test of time, especially via religious use and mostly through old Jewish communities that have used this types of melodies in their prayers as means to carry their oral traditions, the same that can be heard in old synagogs till this very day.

This series was recorded by musician and composer Gilad Hazan, a respected scholar of Andalusian Music.

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