ADSR Courses BA-1 Beginners Guide [TUTORIAL]

ADSR Courses BA-1 Beginners Guide [TUTORIAL]

ADSR Courses BA-1 Beginners Guide [TUTORIAL]

A Deep Dive into Baby Audio BA-1
Led by expert tutor Paul Nolan, this comprehensive video course will allow you to master BA-1 and use it to create professional-level, lofi-leaning textures and sounds. You’ll learn how to craft a wide range of sounds, from classic to contemporary, with ease.

With this Deep Dive BA-1 course, you’ll have the power to elevate your music like never before while discovering BA-1’s unique features, exploring its vast sound palette, and mastering its controls.

ABOUT Baby Audio BA-1
The Baby Audio BA-1 is an exciting analog-modeled software synthesizer crafted by Baby Audio. With its exceptional emulation of vintage analog synthesizers combined with contemporary enhancements, the BA-1 delivers a captivating and rich sound that ignites creative possibilities. From electronic beats to pop anthems and evocative soundscapes, the BA-1 empowers music producers to sculpt their sonic landscapes with ease and style.

The BA-1 presents compelling capabilities and characteristics that make it ideal for lo-fi production, for example, analog warmth and vintage-inspired tones. At the same time, it is a versatile software synthesizer that can be used across various genres and musical styles. Its sound-shaping tools, modulation options, and flexible parameters make it suitable for a wide range of musical applications, including electronic, pop, ambient, and more. The BA-1 empowers music producers to explore their creativity and create unique sounds that transcend any specific genre or style.

This video course, “BA-1 – Beginners Guide” is designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of how to use BA-1 to its fullest potential. The course is divided into nine chapters that cover everything from the basics of the plugin to practical techniques including making noise percussion, bass, arps with BA-1 to using unique features such as regen. By the end of the course, users will have a solid understanding of how to incorporate BA-1 into their Sound Design arsenal. Producer, Sound Designer and Educator, Paul Nolan works on a Melodic Techno track to showcase with plenty of practical sound design tips to make you a power user.

Runtime: 60 min of professional video instruction
Structured by function so you can easily find the right lesson and refer back to relevant sections in the weeks and months to come
8 in-depth lessons each giving a thorough walkthrough of sound design using BA-1

  • Introduction to course
  • BA_1 Walkthrough & Features
  • Making noise Percussion with BA-1
  • Bass Arps
  • Bass Drones
  • Driving Arpeggios
  • Melodic Arps, Plucks & Using Regen
  • Pads
  • Course Wrap Up & Conclusion

Understand both theory & practice with an accomplished Producer and Mentor

Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

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