Acustica Audio Eminence 2023 [WIN]

Acustica Audio Eminence 2023 [WIN]

Eminence, a new “creamy” channel strip bringing you the best of authentic old-school sound. And best of all, it’s FREE.

A Rare EQ with a Distinct Sonic Flavor
The Eminence plugin includes an ultra-rare, 1960s British 3-band EQ, which was famously used in one of the most mythical worldwide broadcast studios. It was produced and developed at a time when record labels and companies maintained their own recording studios, going so far as to design and build most of their own equipment.

Fat, Crunchy Compression
A “Frankenstein” compressor that fuses two different, old-school, solid state dynamic processors in one (591: optical compressor – 612: FET limiter), which were created by a renowned U.S. audio electronics company.

Add Color to Your Tracks
The preamp section includes the preamp stages from all three of the units that make up this powerful plugin.

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