Acustica Audio Big Ceil 2023 [WIN]

Acustica Audio Big Ceil 2023 [WIN]

Acustica Audio Big Ceil 2023 [WIN]

Big Ceil is a 5-plug-in British collection that includes many classic designs and versatile studio equipment, including dedicated mix and mastering channel strips, a psycho-acoustic processor, and a ‘texturizer’.

Add texture to your tracks

Based on a modern hardware machine built in the UK and used by both mixing and mastering engineers, Celestial provides an additional layer of analog goodness to single tracks as well as full mixes.

Master bus fun machine

Celestial MB takes the concept of master bus processing to a whole new level, injecting your creative flow with a massive dose of fun factor that will make your tracks explode with sonic character.

Plus, our users have been asking for a version of the Celestial Mix Bus processor with ruler-flat frequency response, for precision mastering duties.

So we decided to develop an extra, dedicated plug-in for the suite called Celestial Mastering Edition, which differs from the other ones in that the mid-side encoding and the related controls (Elliptic and Dimension) all happen after the signal has been summed back together.

This approach allows for a truly flat response across the frequency range, something that is not possible in the hardware.

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