66 Must-Know Licks & Riffs for the Modern Guitar Player TUTORIAL

Get up to speed with modern electric guitar playing by learning these original licks and riffs.

A lot of the concepts here are actually blends of lead and rhythm playing that you hear often in modern guitar music.

The way it looks right now is that this style is not going anywhere, and guitar playing will likely evolve to the next stage through it, so you better brush up on your skills right now.

Notation (TABs)

All videos include a downloadable tab and a breakdown of how to play the licks and riffs.

The included licks and riffs have been written and tabbed in standard tuning on a six string guitar so that most players can just pick their instrument up and start playing.

Music Theory vs. Practical Skills

This course does not focus on the theory behind the playing, but rather the technique and sound.

For those who are not huge fans of studying music theory, this is a great entry point into modern playing.

By the time you learn all of these, you will be set to play and understand most of the currently used techniques in guitar music.

The course will give you some perspective on where you can take your playing if you keep working on your technique.

What you’ll learn:

  • Students will get a better understanding of modern playing techniques
  • Students will learn originally written pieces by following provided TABs
  • Students will be able to play the pieces without music theory
  • Students will be prepared for playing modern guitar music


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